We apologize to our customers for the temporary time offline while we worked to rebuild our inventory and feel that you have waited long enough. There is a lot more work to be done to be able to keep bringing you the best bones in the business, and many more updates on the way as we roll out some exciting new products for you. 

Right now we are very pleased to announce the return of one of our most popular models, our "Elderly Male" skull which once again available in the SKULLS section of our store. 

We are also incredibly proud to bring you a BRAND NEW model, our "Adolescent Male" skull which is also now available in our SKULLS section of our store. Once you see the amazing detail and quality of this new model we think you'll agree that it is a must have item. 

Many more fantastic products are on the way, thank you for your patience during our rebuild! 

the Bone Shoppe is undergoing some maintenance at the moment. All of our equipment is being updated in order to better serve you with a more reliable skull molding process,  better skull designs, and even more products to offer you apart from the fantastic skulls we sell. 

There will be a small transition period in which we must discontinue the sales of current models in order to make room for our new products. We assure you this will be a very temporary turnaround and we will be back to offer you some amazing new products, as well as those you have become familiar with very soon. 

I truly thank you all for your patience and patronage in this time. 


Scott A.

Bone Shoppe
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Recently the USPS has changed their shipping policies which is causing some of our international customers to experience longer than normal shipping times. Please be patient with us while we work through this transition to bring your product to you as quickly as possible and rest assured we are working diligently to correct this issue for the betterment of all our valued customers. 
the Bone Shoppe is more than just skulls, we are happy to offer many varieties of bones and osteological goods. Recently we have been working with new vendors to bring you new products that meet our quality standards at the most affordable prices possible. We appreciate your patience with us while we work on our inventory in this way. 

While our bones are still being secured, we are very pleased to announce and brand new Replica Skull to our store. Our all new Adult Female Skull which we believe you will love every bit as much as we do. Head over to the Skulls Page on our Website, our eBay listings, or our all new Etsy Shop to see this new lovely lady and add her to your collection. 
We have just discovered an internal error with our mailing system which seems to have caused certain messages and information to become inaccessible and go missing. Many messages such as inquiry replies, tracking information, pricing information etc. may not have gone through as we'd originally thought. 

If you are waiting for information from us via email please check your junk mail/spam folders in case it landed there. If you are still missing information please be patient with us while we correct this situation and get that information to you as rapidly as possible. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. 
Paypal will be performing maintenance during the day of Feb 7th. 

This may cause some down time or issues with payment processing during the day. 

Recently the USPS has changed the rates for their services both in the US and internationally. Please note this has caused us the need to change our shipping fees to accommodate the new costs. We have worked to kept this increase as minimal as possible in order to continue to offer you the best bones in the business at the most affordable price and keep things as reasonable for all parties. New rates going forward, those who ordered before today will not be charged anything more for their purchases and need do nothing else. 

USPS has also changed the process in which they track packages. Customers who have already been supplied tracking information for their purchases should be on the look out for an updated email and new tracking number. If you do not receive an email update then your information is good as it stands. If you experience any troubles with your tracking information please contact us directly and we will ensure that the matter is corrected for you. 
We at the Bone Shoppe realize there is more than one way to skin a cat, and more than one way to shop as well. This is why we are pleased to bring you one more method to make a purchase with us. We have just opened a brand new ETSY Store online where you will find all of the great products we have to offer. Now you can shop direct on our site, via our eBay listings, and by visiting our all new Etsy store. 

No bones about it, THREE great ways to shop with us online is three times more awesome.

Spread the word. 
We are very happy to announce that we have worked out many of the issues we have been having with our online shopping service. It required a slight redesign to the site to make it happen, but you should find that your shopping experience here on boneshoppe.com has been simplified and made straight forward for everyone.

Our BONES or MISCELLANEOUS products pages are not yet operational, but will return very soon. Meanwhile we have FOUR fantastic models of skull available in the store for you to choose from, also some great new models currently being molded to offer you even more options.

As always, feel free to write us directly at info@boneshoppe.com with any questionsor inquiries

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We here at the Bone Shoppe are constantly striving to bring you the best bones, skulls, and other osteological good online. We are excited to announce that we have lined up some fantastic new items from some amazing distributors which will allow us to do just that including new skulls as well as old favorites!

Our site is being updated to reflect these changes, as such we are experiencing moments of temporary outages and other technical difficulties including pages are not loading or listing our stock items properly. PLEASE NOTE : our shopping cart feature is not working at this time. We have set up direct link PayPal buttons to use while we work to fix this issue.​

​We apologize to you for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your patience with us while we rebuild our presence online to offer you the best bones in the business.

We will always maintain our superior customer service and work hard to fill your orders and bring you exactly what you need in a timely manner. We encourage everyone to contact us directly during our transition with any questions, custom orders, and purchase requests using our direct contact email   Info@BoneShoppe.com

You can also see our latest merchandise and sale items by clicking this button to go to our

Thank you again for your patience.